Hypnosis for Weight Loss - Why Learning Affirmations Is The Most Critical Step To A Slimmer You!

It could be said that there are literally dozens of proven and effective ways of programming your subconscious mind for weight loss hypnosis. But of all the hypnosis for weight loss techniques, none have the lasting power and motivating effect of positive affirmations. Why? Because its a basic skill for lifelong success as your new slimmer self. From how long it takes to learn the skill, how to write and use your affirmations, integrating them into your daily routine, and adding them to your regular exercise. This article will explain how to use affirmations with hypnosis for weight loss.

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Many people never even start to use affirmations with hypnosis for weight loss because they think its just too simple. The funny thing about affirmations is that they are so quick and easy to learn. This little secret technique that you are about to learn, took my friend Colin all of 30-seconds to learn and use. Now that I have your attention and you are reading my words, you will find yourself in the same position very soon.

With some clients it can take months to completely teach hypnosis for weight loss. With Colin I spent over four weeks with him "under my wing" and being shoulder-to-shoulder. He learned some of the most powerful techniques of personal development and he had learned almost all of the tight-lipped secrets that hypnosis for weight loss has to offer. But once he started using three simple affirmations, in three different environments every single day, that was when he found the changes had taken effect.

There is a simple formula for using affirmations and hypnosis for weight loss. You will write each and every one of your positive affirmations on an index card. You can, and you will take a new card each day and re-affirm your statement. When you get to the end of the cards, you can just start again. You can have as little as three cards or you could have one for every day of the year. Whatever works best for you. Some examples for affirmations are as follows.

Everyone is unique when it comes to affirmations, but here are the top three that I and Colin found. You may find that you have your own favorites for when you practise hypnosis for weight loss. "Day by day, in every way, I am getting slimmer and slimmer". This is an old affirmation that has been around for years and when repeated enough has a compounding effect on your subconscious mind. "I am happy healthy wealthy and wise" and "All I need for permanent weight loss is within me now". Use these three affirmations as a start and with practice you can create ones that work for you. Use them in the following manner.

You will want to use these positive affirmations at least three times each day in different environments. Integrate them into your morning walk to work, while you are exercising and before you go to sleep at night. One example is to say something like "I have a great body" and "I love my body" as you work out. Even if you don't feel it is true, you are programming yourself with positive thoughts, positive feelings, and new behaviors that will affect you. These new affirmations will soon become your natural though process and repeating them over and over again creates a self-fulfilling situation for yourself. You set yourself up to win.

"My body continues to change as I balance my lifestyle", " I love the food that makes me thin", "losing weight is effortless" and "I enjoy being healthy" are all great examples. Many courses teaching hypnosis for weight loss have encouraged people to use these affirmations. They have a long standing track record and are known to work in as short a time as twenty one days. Recording yourself reading out your affirmations with power and passion helps as well. Read your index cards before you go to bed and when you arise in the morning. As you walk to work tell yourself "With each and every breath I take, with each and every stride, I am getting slimmer and slimmer and slimmer". Do the work of affirmations and hypnosis for weight loss, it is more then worth it.

It will take some commitment and continuous effort on your part to make your change stick. So make sure to learn for Colin and use these sample affirmations and create your own hypnosis for weight loss script. Do the exercises, write your own affirmations that speak to you, and integrate them into your daily life. You have been prescribed the medication, now its your time to take it.

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