Weight Loss Toning Exercises For Women

Here are a few weight loss toning exercises for women to help you achieve that hour-glass feminine figure. Summer is arriving, so take these "quick fix" exercises and use them to get toned as fast as possible.

Weight Loss Toning Exercises For Women

1. Walking on an incline

Listen, walking is a boring tip... yes I know that, however walking on an incline is totally different from just your regular walking on a flat surface. Walking on a flat surface is fine for slow, long term weight loss, but if you want some quick weight loss, try walking on a 10-15 degree incline (treadmill or hill) for 15-20 minutes a day.

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This creates a big oxygen deficit which forces your body to suck up body fat... while it tones your legs in ways you never imagined.

2. Hindu Squats

Hindu squats also create a big oxygen deficit which causes your body to eat up body fat. But it also tones your legs like crazy. What you do is squat up and down as fast as you can while you touch your finger tips to the ground during each repetition (this is to make sure you're going down far enough).

You need to do 100 repetitions in less than 5 minutes. Do this as many days each week as you can.

3. Jumping rope

It's pretty well known that boxers are in incredible shape. It's no coincidence that they jump a lot of rope. Now, you don't need to get fancy, just spend 5 minutes a day jumping rope (it doesn't have to be all 5 minutes at once either).

What I did with these 3 exercises is try to create a simple program that you can do mostly in your home without having to waste time going to the gym everyday. So for women, try these weight loss toning exercises for a few weeks and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how effective they are and how quick the results come.

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