Summer Weight Loss

Summer is in the air and many are now thinking how they can lose some extra pounds to look great for the summer. Summer is a great time not just for weight loss but to eat healthy. There are so many summer fruits that you will have your fill of fruits to choose from.

Instead of eating unhealthy snacks this is a great opportunity to get out and begin to go crazy with your palate. Try new fruits that you have not tried before and load up on some fruits that were not readily available during the winter months like melon. Melon is a great fruit because it has high water content and you will need to keep your body hydrated during the summer months anyway.

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While you are up and about this summer remember these great weight loss tips:

o Do not skip breakfast. Do not take it for granted that it is nice outside that you will just take an apple and go. Take time to have breakfast. Studies show that people who have breakfast lost more weight that the ones who did not have breakfast. Make it a habit to have a huge breakfast this will cause you to have enough fuel to burn and it will jump start your day and keep you from constant snacking before lunch. Eating breakfast that is loaded with fiber and get crazy with adding your fruits. Stay away from processed foods, eat healthy.

o This rule follows the first one. Do not allow yourself to get hungry that is why having a big breakfast is so important. Eat at least every four hours, even if you have to split your meals in half. You do not have to try to gorge yourself by sticking to breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you split your meals you can be eating and not adding additional calories because you are getting the same meal portion but just getting it in smaller sizes in a smaller time frame.

o Watch your liquid calories. During the summers the days can become hot but force yourself not to consume too much soda, juices, store bought smoothies, coffee drinks and sports drinks. These culprits can aid on the calories fast and cause you to really put on the pounds.

o Watch your food intake. Eat from at least four of the main food categories. Your daily food intake should consist of some grains, fruits and vegetables, lean meats, fish, nuts low-fat dairy or soy. Consume foods from these groups will ensure that you are eating a healthy well balanced diet. Adding bread, grains should be the core of every meal and adding a protein just as an addition.

Though you want to lose weight for the summer, try to adopt a gradual weight loss. Trying to lose the weight too fast will be disastrous for you rather than a benefit. Not only is rapid weight loss not healthy but if you lose the weight too fast, you will most likely put the weight back on and you might even put on more than you lost.

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