Is There Such Thing As Quick Healthy Weight Loss?

Are you trying to lose weight, but just don't have the patience for most weight loss methods? You are not alone and most people have become very impatient with weight loss diets and exercise routines. There is a way to get quick healthy weight loss results and here are three tips to help you.

The first thing you can do to achieve weight loss quickly is go on a 3, 5, or 7 day juice fast. This is a fast that requires you to drink natural juices and water only. You should drink about 8 cups of fruit juices and 2 cups of vegetable juice each day, along with plenty of water. This is a great way to spur your body into losing weight. You can do a juice fast about once every 8 weeks and expect to drop 5-10 pounds in a hurry. Make sure that you only do light exercises during a juice fast and don't over do it.

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Another way to start losing weight quicker is to eat a bigger breakfast. This is a proven method to speed up your metabolism, which will give you more energy and will help you cut off those unwanted pounds. You should consume about 75% of your daily carbohydrates at breakfast and it should be your largest meal of the day. If you do this and you stay away from eating junk you can lose 5 to 10 pounds pretty quickly and average about 2 pounds of weight loss a week.

The last tip for losing weight quickly is to exercise. It takes about 3 hours of aerobic exercise a week to maintain your current body shape so you need to be doing about 5 to 7 hours of aerobic exercise a week to lose weight quickly. Do this and you will start to see the pounds just melt right off your body.

Now you have three tips that you can implement into your life to help you with quick healthy weight loss. Use these tips and you can increase your chances of losing weight quickly, but always remember to consult a doctor before you start a new diet or exercise routine to make sure your body can handle it.

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