List of Weight Loss Programs - Skip These Ones

A list of weight loss programs will reveal many options that you should avoid in your quest to loose weight. The surprising news is that on some of these weight loss programs, you will actually succeed in
losing weight - so why should you avoid them?

I advise you to skip them regardless of their fast effectiveness because you don't just want to loose weight; you want to loose weight and gain muscle.

Have you ever tried an extreme diet like a low/no carb diet or an all-tuna diet or some such variation? If you have, you will find that, initially, you loose weight very quickly -without any workout or exercise regiment on your part.

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It can be quite satisfying in your first few weigh-ins to see just how much is coming off because you have stopped eating carbohydrates altogether or started eating nothing but tuna.

However, according to statistics, you have about a 90% chance of gaining all of that weight back. In fact, more than just gaining the weight back, you are likely to gain 105% of the weight back, meaning you will be worse off than when you started.

Why does this frustrating weight gain occur? Usually, it is because fast weight loss can be attributed only to changes in water levels not in body fat.

When you choose from a list of weight loss programs, select the program that combines a good exercise regime with a healthy and balanced diet.

The appropriate amount of weight you should seek to loose each week will vary depending on the individual. Talk to your doctor to find out a safe weight loss schedule for you.

Avoid extreme diets that promise unusually fast results, even if they can deliver. These fast results only give you half of the requirements you need to look and feel the way you want. Without paying attention to body fat, you will suffer the frustration of being right back where you started or perhaps even further away.

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