Techniques For Rapid Weight Loss

Weight affects people in many ways. These can range from physical appearance, self esteem, depression, health risks, general physical incapability etc which all ultimately affect our quality of life.

Most of us would definitely like to do something about that, and that is why there is so much searching being done for a weight loss technique that will get rid of all that fat, or cellulite, and turn one into a specimen of physical perfection.

One of the first things that a severely overweight person needs to do is to seek his or her doctor's advice as to the best weight loss regimen for the present. The doctor may not be able to take you to single digits in terms of body fat, but they can certainly advise you to begin correctly.

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A full physical examination is definitely in order. This will be your starting point for a weight loss regimen that will put you on track to that quality of life you want. The proper weight loss techniques will be decided upon here.

In order to lose weight fast, there are basically 4 aspects of life that need to be changed:

Timing of food - when to eat Composition of food - what to eat General behavior and attitude General activity levels

Here are some tips that will definitely change your life as far as weight is concerned:

Immediate weight loss is made of several important factors such as attitude, exercise, and in some cases, special supplements (these by the way DO NOT include illegal drugs!). Start by putting together an eating plan that can be followed and adhered to without fail. See what type of exercise you can do without any further damage to yourself - just because you were a bodybuilder or something years/ pounds ago doesn't mean that you can start with the same intensity of exercise now. Think walking, swimming, jogging, and dancing for starters. Set realistic goals and approaches. Set goals for yourself which are reasonable, such as losing 10 lbs in 2 months. After all, it took you quite a bit of time to get to where you are today, and reversing the whole thing will not happen overnight. Focus on what you are doing, and keep the end result in mind, and not the discomfort that you are going through right now. Listen to your body, and monitor your progress. That doesn't mean weighing yourself everyday okay! Keep records for all you do, and aim for a weekly recording session in the beginning - it is extremely motivating to see changes occurring and will definitely keep you on track. If you started running (over-achiever) and began to experience pain in your knees and ankles, then you need to back off and stop. Start walking first to get your body used to the whole thing before you begin to run. Also try and begin to do light weight training, as putting on a little muscle will actually help you to burn fat faster than if you didn't do any weight training at all. Eat more fiber. It will make you fuller and stay in your stomach longer, keeping those hunger pangs at bay. Grains will also help you by moving fat faster through your digestive system. Stay away from fried food. Fried food will first of all have fat of its own, and have lots of oil added to it, thus further upping the ante in terms of caloric load. For now it would be best to concentrate on grilled foods as opposed to fried when ordering meats etc. Drink LOTS of water. Usually the recommendation is to take in any type of fluid, but I would suggest water as it is a nutrient which is always needed by our bodies, and high levels of caffeine may not be advisable for many people. Stick to water to help flush out toxins as well as to keep your skin looking good. Aim for at least 4 pints a day.

All in all, discipline and consistency is still the best practice and the key to rapid weight loss success. Light dieting, working out, and the right amount of supplementation applied regularly everyday will result in faster weight loss than having a massive action only to be followed by a return to old habits as this would only lead to gaining more weight than when the weight loss plan has started.


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