Permanent Weight Loss - Three Variables To Consider

The basics of a healthy permanent weight loss plan include an exercise routine and a diet or weight loss program. Of course there is also a large emotional component as well.

Join an efficient weight loss program. An efficient weight loss program is one which recommends that you incorporate both a healthy diet and exercise regimen. An inefficient weight loss program is one which recommends a lot of fad diets and prescription drugs to you. By healthy diet, think fruits, vegetables, lean chicken meat, fish, low fat dairy products, whole grain cereals, as well as skinless poultry. Avoid high fat products such as pies, candies and pastries at all costs! The best approach is to eat healthy foods: foods that are highly nutritious but have low calorie content. Such foods will give your body the much needed nutrition without making you fatter. If you consume calories on a moderate level then you don't even have to count calories!

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Regular workouts are essential for permanent weight loss. I would recommend you start out with lighter aerobics and then go on to resistance training and cardio when you feel very comfortable with your exercise routine. Even if you do only aerobics, you will be able to lose weight because aerobics help you burn fat at a high rate by speeding up your metabolism, and this way gives you a tremendous boost in energy level as well as helps you lose weight.

Apart from following a regular workout and exercise routine and following a healthy diet, perhaps millions of people have become overweight because of emotional eating. Often people are gripped by intense feelings such as anger, hatred, depression, stress, boredom, loneliness, etc., and this is when they take the help of food in order to give themselves relief. Of course it is not only the negative emotions that make many of us want to eat. It is important to acknowledge that food cannot be the answer. We must all learn to deal with our emotions, both good and bad, without seeking the help of food.

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