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Are you overweight? Fast weight loss is probably something you have thought about a million times. Here I will share a few secrets to fast weight loss that will help you get on the right track to losing weight easily! It really isn't that difficult.

First of all, if you are serious about fast weight loss, you must change your eating habits just a bit. One secret I have used that has proven successful is taking Omega 3 fish oil, and drinking 2 glasses of green tea every day. This enables me to eat a little more than you normally would on a diet, and still lose weight.

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Another little secret to fast weight loss - eat dairy and ice cream all you want, just switch to low-fat varieties! Yarnell's Guilt-Free ice cream tastes exactly like the real thing to me, and I eat tons of it. The only foods I would say to eat as little as possible of when trying to lose weight is fried foods. Have a little occasionally, but try to stay away for the most part.

My BIGGEST secret is working out. That's not really the secret, it's the method I use to work out. You can't beat what I'm about to tell you for fast weight loss, I promise you! And you don't have to work out for an hour every day. If that were the case, I would have given up long ago.

I exercise 5 days per week, for only 20 minutes per day. How easy is that? Twenty minutes is nothing compared to the fast weight loss you will see when you use this method. Here we go, and this is easy.

Two days per week, do pilates exercises. These consist of yoga-type moves that are not stressful. Stretching and elongating the muscles is what pilates does - sort of gives you the ballet dancers long, lean look.

The other 3 days, work out with weights. I'm not talking 100 pounds, just 8 or 10 lb. dumbells. Do several sets of squats and lunges using the dumbells, as well as a few chest exercises with these weights. Talk about fast weight loss - using weights is the REAL secret! The muscle you build with weights speeds your metabolism and burns fat much longer than running or any kind of cardio you can do.

Use these methods and see just how fast these secrets to fast weight loss can work for you!

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