5 Super Weight Loss Foods (Also Suitable For Vegetarians and Vegans)

Let's cut to the chase.


Carrot is one of the best plant-based weight loss foods due to its low calorie but high nutritional content (such as vitamins A, C, beta carotene and fiber). It fills you up easily, preventing you from heaping on excess calories.

Tip: Carrot is more nutritious when eaten cooked than raw as cooking breaks down its tough cellular walls. This enables your body to convert more beta carotene into vitamin A.


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Like carrot, apple is also relatively low in calories and high in fiber. You can eat one or two as one single meal but do not consume apples for all your meals. You need a balanced mix of all weight loss foods to obtain multiple vitamins and minerals for good health and effective fat loss.


Banana contains a good amount of natural sugar (sucrose, fructose and glucose) and fiber that together, provide you with sustained and substantial boost of energy within minutes. This boost of energy in turn kick starts your metabolism for fat loss.

Reminder: Banana works effectively in an active body. If you eat lots of bananas but refuse to move, the excess calories in the fruit will get stocked up in your fat reserve when not expended via exercises.

Whole Grain Bread and Biscuits

I always choose whole grain bread and biscuits as they are rich in vitamin B, iron and fiber. The goodness of fiber, whether soluble or insoluble, is plentiful. You're aware that constipation is a common problem in obesity and during dieting (with meat-laden diet). Fiber not only gives you a feeling of fullness but also helps to prevent constipation by flushing out toxins from your body.

Fiber also stabilizes your blood sugar and controls your food cravings as it slows down your sugar absorption into the bloodstreams. Thus fiber plays an extremely important role in your weight loss diet. Keep your body free of toxins and you'll lose weight easily and naturally.

Coconut Oil

Unlike other oils, coconut oil contains fat-burning fat. It helps to regulate thyroid function and boosts your metabolism to effect weight loss. I was skeptical at first when a doctor told me that. But after few years of consumption, I am convinced. All you need is to replace your existing cooking oil with coconut oil or you can also add 1 - 3 tablespoonfuls into your diet, and you can start reaping the weight loss benefits of this powerful metabolism-boosting food.

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