Why Do Most Weight Loss Programs Fail At Making You Lose Fat?

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're on a diet plan, or have been on one in the past.

From the experience of myself and others, it can be said that the vast majority of common weight loss programs fail miserably. In fact, most people who take them end up weighing more than when they started! That's because of both physiological and psychological reasons.

So why do they fail? there are a number of common reasons.

1. Most fat loss programs out there are the "just eat less" type. Eat less carbs. Eat less fat. Eat less proteins, eat less calories in general. This approach is a grave error. Sure, you will lose weight initially. It will all look nice and dandy.

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Now, here comes the "but" part. The human metabolism is adaptive and versatile. It gets used to the smaller quantities of anything you consume less of - and when that happens, weight loss slows and virtually stops in place. And since no diet lasts forever, when you go back to your pre-diet consumption rate, you will end up weighing more than when you started out! Your metabolism, now used to living on less, will suddenly get excess carbs, or fat, or calories in general, that it no longer need. So where does it all go? in to storage. In you belly. Or your thighs. Or your behind.

2. There are some programs that go as far as telling you remove a food group from your diet COMPLETELY!

The weight loss programs that tell you to avoid all carbs, or all protein, and such - can be downright dangerous to your health. Carbs, Proteins, and fat - are all essential food groups to the systems of your body, when taken in with proportion of course. You can't just stop consuming one of them.

3. Many of the common weight loss diet programs tell you what to eat in a very arbitrary way. They make up your menu, regardless of the things you like or don't like. Furthermore, their menus tend to be monotonous and boring. Under these conditions, it's very difficult to blame a person who quits the fat loss diet.

4. Some of these weight loss programs are the starving type. Again, that is a major mistake. Again, one cannot expect a person to starve just in order to lose weight. No sane person should subject himself or herself to starvation for that.

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