Calcium and Your Diet - Does Calcium Aid in Weight Loss?

You might have seen those television ads claiming that drinking a glass or two of milk a day can actually help you lose weight. Or that eating several servings of yogurt a day will help you burn off fat. But are those ads true? Can calcium really aid in your weight loss efforts? Definitely, so let's take a look at our options!

Low-Fat Yogurt

For decades, yogurt has been a common staple in the diets of those trying to lose weight. And, as it turns out, eating that yogurt probably helped those dieters shed pounds.

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Studies have found that yogurt revs up the body's metabolism. Researchers took two groups of people and put them on the same reduced calorie diet. But one group was instructed to eat three servings of yogurt a day.

The group that ate yogurt not only lost more weight overall, they lost the weight faster. Those eating yogurt also tended to lose most of the weight in the stomach area (one of the hard areas to lose fat in), and maintained most of their muscle mass. (Meaning most of the weight they lost was actual fat instead of muscle.)

Low-Fat Dairy Products

Yogurt isn't the only dairy product that can help you burn fat. The calcium found in all low-fat dairy products can help you lose weight. So, if you want to lose weight, switching to low-fat milk, cream, sour cream, cheese and so on could help you reach your weight loss goals easier and faster.

Calcium Supplements

Calcium supplements can also help you to lose weight. In another study, two groups of participants were put on the same reduced-calorie diet. However, one group was told to take an 800 milligram calcium supplement every day.

And, you guessed it, those who took the calcium supplements lost more weight and burned off more fat, and did both faster, than those who didn't take the calcium supplements.

Maintaining Weight Loss

One of the hardest parts of dieting is keeping off the weight you lost. In fact, after reaching their weight loss goals, many dieters tend to start putting on the pounds again. But it looks like calcium can also help maintain a healthy weight.

There's more than enough proof that calcium can help you lose weight and burn fat faster. However, the calcium can't do it alone. So taking calcium supplements and eating more low-fat dairy products will only work if you are on some kind of calorie reduced diet or program.

So, does calcium aid in weight loss? There's no doubt about it. It's not a magic pill, but if calcium is used to supplement your weight loss efforts, it can help boost your results.

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