My Attempt at a Weight Loss Program

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Like many millions of other humans, I have wanted to be thinner, and weigh less most of my life. I was in pretty good shape as a teen, but even then a few more pounds than I wanted. The only time in my life I was completely satisfied with my physique was when I was 24 years old. I was on my own, and worked out regularly. I took good advantage of the short time I was in great shape. I found a good woman and got married. Then the weight started back. I have been up and down the weight chart ever since, and mostly up. I have always been able to lose weight when I start a weight loss program, I just allow other things to get in the way and quit. Slowly, each year I went up and up, with only a few years that I went down. At 47 years old, in spring of 2008, I have decided to start a new weight loss program with more intenseness and determination than ever. I am including the element of embarrassment, and the feeling of not having a choice.

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I have decided to show the world my progress or failure, and failure is not an option this time. The key element to my success is putting up a weekly video on popular video sites. My weight loss program is called Fatty Lose Weight. I am about 5 weeks in as of 5/21/08, and I've lost 19 pounds. I am very busy in trying to sell a business and then sell my house. So, trying to get all the elements together for my weight loss program has been difficult. I seem to eat good, and not get enough exercise, or exercise everyday, but let some of my eating goals slip. If I could just get it all together at the same time, I think I could lose weight faster. But the goal is to keep telling friends when a new video comes out. That will help me stay motivated to stick to it, even if I don't do so good a few weeks.

My start weight for the weight loss program is 347 pounds. I am just not sure how I got to this point. I can remember as a young man working in a large man's clothing store and customers would come in with a 50 inch waist. I thought that would never happen to me, but it did. I started the weight loss program with a 50 inch waist too.

Now it is several weeks later, and I have lost two inches in the waist and 19 pounds.

The keys to my weight loss besides the videos on the internet is exercise and eating less. I have cut out 95% of my soft drinks, and more than 75% of my junk food intake. I do still like some good tasting food from time to time. I drink lots of water, and try to take a brisk walk at 40 minutes a day. If you go a few days and barely eat, you will notice the top of your stomach feeling a little flatter. If you don't notice that take a colon cleanser from a health store, or at least a good fiber drink. You need to feel that top of your stomach feeling empty. After you get that feeling, try to keep it that way by not eating so much. If it comes back, you probably over ate again. It is a very good feeling, but at the same time, as an overweight person, you want to be eating when you feel like that. That is why it is important to feel it flatter, so you will know what you are shooting for. And then start eating better foods, and stop drinking soft drinks, and start walking. That's the ticket too success. Now, I have to keep reminding myself of that, and stick to it. I have a long way to go yet. My goal is to be under 225 pounds. Wish me luck, and good luck to you.

I hope you decide to start your own weight loss program. You may want to try using some of the many programs that are out there and include it with regular videos. Even if it is just for a few friends to see, it will help give you the motivation you need. It will also be something nice to look back on to see your progress. You can do it.

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