Practical Weight Loss Ideas

Have you ever noticed how many practical weight loss ideas are simple ideas that we seem to ignore. We want our weight loss ideas to be some sort of complex plan with a magic pill or food combination to melt off the pounds. Of course, we want effective weight loss without the need for exercise, too!

Unfortunately, for any safe weight loss program some exercise is necessary. The good news is that the form of exercise needed can be built right into your regular daily schedule. Read the following practical weight loss ideas carefully. You will see that they are not only safe weight loss ideas but, indeed, practical in nature, too.

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We will start with the part nobody likes. Exercise! Your exercise doesn't have to be a long and grueling workout. Try to set aside 20 to 30 minutes a day for a brisk walk. If you can force yourself out of bed a half hour sooner, great! A walk first thing in the morning will really get your body thinking in weight loss mode. It will give you a quiet time to plan your day as well.

When you get to work, park a little further from the door. The extra few steps will add up over the course of a few months. Don't take the elevator, either. Are you beginning to see how you can incorporate a little exercise into your normal activities? It just takes a small amount of planning and will power.

As far as your actual diet, try this simple plan. Eat what you've been eating, at least for the most part. For nibbling while at work take along a few carrots or a little celery. Try and eliminate the potato chips and candy bars.

If you can reduce the amount of food you prepare in fat, such as fried chicken or pork chops, you will notice that suddenly, when your take that morning walk, your thighs are not rubbing together!

I said eat normal food but, here is the secret. Serve your self only on a salad plate. No more large dinner plates and, of course, no more second helpings. The image of seeing your salad plate full of normal food will help tell your brain that you have a normal sized meal.

It seams strange to me that the practical weight loss ideas are almost always ignored. Don't forget the obvious. Exercise and consuming less calories will help you with safe and effective weight loss.

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