How to Choose a Weight Loss Program

With so many different weight loss programs in existence, it can be difficult to know what is best for your individual needs. Not only that, there may be health issues that make it impossible for you to utilize a particular diet program, so that must also be a consideration.

The Knowledge You Possess is the Key Element

I'm not trying to confuse you with the above statement by any means. What I am trying to impart is the importance of knowing what you can and cannot do and thus helping you choose the right weight loss program. For example, if you have low-blood sugar (hypoglycaemia), you do not want to choose a diet that is extremely low in carbohydrates nor do you want to use a diet that eliminates food groups. If you have any health issues that may restrict you from using certain diet programs, you may wish to ask your doctor what programs will work best with your health issues.

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Choose a Program that Offers Healthy Choices

It's essential to make sure the weight loss program you choose includes a variety of healthy foods. Although there is nothing unhealthy about eliminating red meats from your diet, any program that forces you to eliminate protein products is unhealthy from the start. In fact, the best weight loss program is one that can offer choices to those with different food needs including vegetarians and pregnant or nursing mothers. There should be more emphasis on eating the right foods rather than decreasing the amount of food you eat. The problem with most fad diets is they stress a reduction in calories rather than eating healthier foods.

Learn to Eat Foods You Can Prepare Yourself

Programs such a NutriSystem, MediFast, and Jenny Craig that require you to eat their pre-packaged foods are not going to teach you how to make lifestyle changes once you lose the weight you desire. While you are losing weight you need to learn how to eat differently and how much exercise you need to perform in order to increase the speed of your own metabolism. Weight loss programs that decrease your calorie intake too much also have the potential to cause your metabolism to slow down and thus decrease the speed of your weight loss. From a health and success standpoint, Weight Watchers is the best in my opinion and the one that has worked best for me individually. There are programs for many different health issues, which is advantageous to those who may be restricted in their choices.

Dieting without Exercise Has Limited Potential for Success

Some weight loss programs tell you that you can lose weight without exercise, but you should question the validity of those claims. The key to weight loss is to burn more calories than you consume, so that means you have to perform some calorie-burning activities in order to do that. Certainly it may not be exercise as such, but you do need to find an activity that will help you burn calories. You cannot eat even healthy foods and become sedentary without detrimental effects. Strenuous activities are essential to weight loss whether exercise or other types of activities.

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